IL House Leader Harris response to GOP comments on FY 2023 Budget

In response to today’s misguided press conference by the House GOP leadership team, Majority Leader Greg Harris issues the following statement:

“As usual, Republicans want to distract from the fact that their values are wildly out of touch with everyday families. They claim to be about fiscal responsibility and public safety, but Republicans voted no on our budget that supports education and affordable housing, provides nearly a half-billion dollars for public safety and pays down $4 billion of unpaid bills. In the height of hypocrisy, House Republican Leaders neglected to mention that two years ago they voted for the revenue package that funds the capital bill they referenced today, which contains projects in their communities as well.

“The ‘fiscal chaos’ occurred when Republicans were in control, ruined our state finances and let people suffer across the state. Today, since Democrats passed our budget, the three largest credit ratings agencies in America have given Illinois an upgrade four times in the past month alone. Our rainy day fund is replenished, pension debt paid on time and in extra, and families will be receiving $1.8 billion in tax cuts and direct aid to provide some relief from inflation. It’s no surprise that the party that looks down on working-class families and communities of color calls cutting the state grocery tax to zero, freezing the gas tax and expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit ‘gimmicks.’ This is tangible, direct help that will aid working class families in communities across our state.”

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News,Region: South Suburbs

via The Chicago Crusader

May 12, 2022 at 01:58PM

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