IDPH backs FDA proposal to ban menthol flavored cigarettes and cigars

Other fruit flavored cigarettes and cigars are banned, and the FDA is pushing for menthol to be exiled as well. (Pixaby)

By Jake Fogal

BLOOMINGTON – The Illinois Department of Public Health is showing support for the FDA’s proposal to ban menthol flavored cigarettes and cigars.

The proposal is in an attempt to help prevent people from picking up the habit says the FDA. State Public Health Tobacco Control Program Director Gail DeVito is pushing for the life saving effort so people don’t get into to the serious habit.

“They make it easier to smoke and in that way they lead to quicker nicotine addiction. If there was no menthol and you had to start with just tobacco flavor, science shows they would be less likely to continue because of the harshness of it,” Devito said.

Devito says that teens, African Americans and members of the LGBTQ community are more likely to use the menthol cigarette or cigar.

Other flavors are already banned, but the FDA is urging that menthol is exiled as well.

Jake Fogal can be reached at

via WJBC AM 1230

May 2, 2022 at 05:19PM

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