Winnebago GOP Chair, Senate Candidate Nicolosi Accused of Threatening Wife — The Illinoize

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Winnebago County GOP Chairman Eli Nicolosi, who is challenging longtime incumbent Sen. Dave Syverson (R-Cherry Valley) in the June 28 primary, says he will not step aside after his estranged wife was granted an order of protection against him.

(Disclosure: I worked closely with Syverson while I was on Senate Republican staff in 2013-2014.)

The victim, who we will not identify in our story, filed the order of protection in Winnebago County Circuit Court Tuesday. She had filed for divorce from Nicolosi last May and alleged that he threatened her and picked the lock to enter the room she was staying in at the Rockford home the couple shared.

In the filing for the order of protection, the woman alleges she is unable to sleep because she fears for her own safety.

In a statement Thursday, Nicolosi says he is “absolutely” staying in the race and is blaming Springfield for the information coming to light.

“The allegations are 100% untrue, and because I am running against a 30-year establishment incumbent, Springfield sadly drags my wife and 4 children into the public eye,” he said.

Court filings are public documents.

“My family is going through a tough time, and while we as adults can handle this, my children simply cannot defend themselves,” Nicolosi said. “I respectfully ask for privacy in this very personal matter. The law is clear and I cannot specifically comment further on the matter at this time.”

A judge granted the emergency order and a hearing is scheduled for May 6.

via The Illinoize

April 23, 2022 at 08:09AM

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