State Sen. Connor backs legislation to expand use of cameras to combat crime

State Senate John Connor was a chief sponsor on two recent measures which aim to provide law enforcement with better technological tools to solve crime.

Connor, D-Lockport, was a chief co-sponsor on H.B. 260, which allows more municipal law enforcement agencies to use images from expressway cameras to investigate shootings, carjackings, terrorism and forcible felonies, according to a news release.

The measure would require the agencies to create a webpage with details about the program objectives and counties where the program is operational.

“I have been an advocate for better tech tools for law enforcement since before I entered the legislature,” Connor said in a statement. “Expecting better results from law enforcement while not providing them with 21st century tools is not a formula for success. Highway cameras can help not just with highway shootings but with many other dangerous crimes where the perpetrators travel to and from the crime on our highways.”

Connor also was a chief co-sponsor on H.B. 4481 that expands the Expressway Camera Act, which currently only relates to Cook County, to include state highways in the collar counties near and including Will such as DuPage, Kane, Kendall, Lake, and McHenry, in addition to many others statewide.

“By giving local law enforcement wider access to camera technology that’s already in existence, we are giving them better tools in the toolbox to build cases and make arrests,” Connor said.

“We have technology that can help prevent and investigate crime to keep residents safe, and we need to expand, improve and fund law enforcement access to that technology in bills such as these two,” said Connor.

Both bills passed the General Assembly this month.

via Shaw Local

April 19, 2022 at 08:47AM

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