Appeals Court Upholds Public Employers’ Right To Impose Vaccination/Testing Requirements

An Illinois appeals court has ruled that public employers have a right to impose COVID vaccination or testing mandates on employees as a condition of their job.


Several public sector employees had sought a temporary restraining order against the state in one of several cases related to various vaccine-or-testing mandates. The Fourth District Appellate Court found that such rules do not constitute an unlawful “quarantine,” noting that being fired from a job for not following rules designed to ensure workplace safety is not the same thing as a quarantine that prevents someone from going anywhere outside their own home. The court found that employers have the right to set such workplace safety rules to deal with a public health situation.


It’s unclear how the ruling will impact several similar cases, including some in Sangamon County.

Region: Springfield,Feeds,News,City: Springfield,Region: Central

via 98.7 WNNS

April 15, 2022 at 03:02PM

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