Governor holds news conference celebrating passage of new state budget

Governor JB Pritzker is celebrating the passage of what he calls a budget for the people of Illinois.

During a Saturday news conference, the governor said the budget is balanced for the fourth year in a row, supports local governments, provides tax relief and boosts staffing at nursing homes. The budget also adds funding for 300 new state troopers and supports mental health resources for law enforcement.

Pritzker says, “Through our re-imagined public safety program, we’re tackling the root causes of violence with the expansion of our youth summer jobs program and proven violence intervention program. Illinois has never seen an effort this robust to solve and fight crime.”

It also funds more college scholarships and provides tax relief including direct payments going to most Illinoisans.

Pritszker says, “We’re investing in employer training, employee training, and renewing tax credits to attract and grow new businesses while providing new benefits for startups.”

Governor Pritzker says they are also suspending licensing fees for bars and restaurants and offering grants to the still-struggling industry.

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April 10, 2022 at 09:25AM

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