Illinois EPA asks for investigation after Route 3 fuel spill

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency is asking the Illinois Attorney General to investigate a fuel spill from earlier this week in Granite City.  A Circle K tanker truck overturned on Illinois Route 3 and St. Thomas Road spilling 8-thousand gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel.  The clean up of the area continues.

The incident took place early Wednesday morning, forcing the closure of Route 3 in both directions for several hours.  The incident took place while it was raining, and emergency responders attempted to block nearly culverts to slow or stop the fuel from spreading even further.  The truck was carrying 64-hundred gallons of gasoline and 26-hundred gallons of diesel fuel. The EPA referral asks the Attorney General to obtain an order requiring Circle K to immediately address any impact to the spillage area.  An environmental remediation contractor has already been hired by the responsible party to begin cleanup.


April 8, 2022 at 06:56AM

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