Mendoza: Time To Retire ”Bill Backlog” From Discussion Of Illinois Finances

Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza says she’s retiring the term “bill backlog” in reference to the state’s finances.


Mendoza says she has repaid the final $297 million that the state borrowed from various dedicated funds in order to pay off $16 billion in bills that stacked up during a two-and-a-half year budget impasse. Mendoza says stronger-than-expected revenues allowed the money to be repaid months ahead of schedule. As a result, Mendoza says the state’s obligations now fall within a normal 30-day payment cycle.


She says that means the term “bill backlog” no longer applies, and her office will now refer to pending payments as “accounts payable.”

Region: Springfield,Feeds,News,Prairie,Region: Central,City: Springfield

via 92.7 WMAY

March 30, 2022 at 01:38PM

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