Illinois B20 legislation passes senate – Brownfield Ag News


Illinois B20 legislation passes senate

Legislation proposed by the Illinois Soybean Association to renew and expand the state’s biodiesel tax credit has passed the senate with bipartisan support from every region.

ISA President Steve Pitstick says the bill will transition the sales tax incentive from 10% biodiesel blends to 19%, which is expected to increase benefits to the environment and strengthen demand for biodiesel by about 125 million gallons leading to broader markets for Illinois soybeans.

Several transportation fleets in the state have already adopted 20% biodiesel blends including the Chicago Park District.

The bill now moves to the Illinois House where Representative Eva Delgado of Chicago is the lead sponsor. Senator Patrick Joyce of Essex championed the senate bill.

via Brownfield Ag News

March 30, 2022 at 02:44PM

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