Reps. Robinson, Wheeler Support Business Across Party Lines

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CHICAGO — Our politics should not always be focused on partisan battles, two state representatives made clear in a joint visit to a suburban Chicago small business this week.

Assistant House Republican Leader Keith Wheeler invited Democratic State Rep. Lamont J. Robinson to his district to visit a small business success story, and show that the two are aligned on supporting the backbone of Illinois’ economy.

Read the refreshing press release from the duo here:

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Assistant House Minority Leader Rep. Keith Wheeler, R-Oswego, and Rep. Lamont J. Robinson, D-Chicago, visited construction equipment sales and rental company McCann Industries together on Monday to foster bipartisan understanding of the need to support Illinois’ small business community and manufacturing industry in 2022. Founded in 1967, McCann Industries is a family-owned, wholesale distributor and market leader of construction materials and construction equipment.

Rep. Wheeler, who has owned an information technology consulting firm based in Oswego for 30 years and serves on the Small Business & Innovation Subcommittee in the Illinois House, explained why his and Rep. Robinson’s shared commitment to small business and manufacturing growth is so vital today:

"Small business is the backbone and the heartbeat of our economy. The jobs they create and sustain, the innovation they drive, and the taxes they pay which support vital community services are the lifeblood that provide families with opportunity and a foundation for their children’s future," said Rep. Keith Wheeler. R-Oswego. "State government policy has a direct impact on the ability of our small business community to compete and succeed, or even to survive. Democrats and Republicans must work collaboratively to create a stronger environment for small business to grow and thrive so that we can lift up workers and families in every neighborhood throughout Illinois. I share this commitment with my friend and colleague Rep. Robinson as we work together in this new year to support small business and restore Illinois’ standing as a national leader in job growth and innovation. I thank him for joining me on our visit to McCann Industries."

Rep. Robinson, a member of the Small Business, Tech Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Committee in the Illinois House, shared his perspective from the visit and the value of working on a bipartisan basis to strengthen the economy and support job creation throughout Illinois:

"Our politics often leads to unnecessary divisions and focuses on our differences. But I am proud to partner with friends and colleagues on both sides of the aisle to come together and improve our communities and our state," said Rep. Lamont J. Robinson, D-Chicago. "I jumped at the chance Leader Wheeler offered me to come and visit this small business in his region. Not only is it an opportunity for me to learn more about a true Illinois success story, it also allows me to ‘reach across the aisle’ and show that Democrats and Republicans can unite to support each other, our districts and our great state. I appreciate the opportunity to work with Leader Wheeler and all my colleagues in Springfield to put in place policies that help more small businesses like McCann Industries grow and thrive."

Rep. Wheeler serves the 50th District, which includes portions of Kane and Kendall Counties. Rep. Robinson serves the 5th District, which includes portions of Chicago stretching from the Near North Side to the South Shore.

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January 12, 2022 at 09:38AM

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