New legislation aims to prepare Illinois roadways for electric vehicles

State Rep. Robyn Gabel is sponsoring a bill to accommodate a day when more of us have electric cars. (Photo courtesy: Blake Haas/WJBC)

By Dave Dahl

SPRINGFIELD – New legislation in Illinois anticipates a day in which most of us are driving electric cars.

“It’s looking at how we can make sure new buildings are charging-station-capable,” said sponsoring State Rep. Robyn Gabel (D-Evanston), “meaning there is enough wire laid that if they wanted to do a charging station, they could do one easily and wouldn’t have to start digging up all the wire and everything.”

Republicans voted against the bill in committee, largely out of cost concerns.

“We’re ramping up EV’s and shutting down generation, so the cost of this is going to, I think, be a lot different in five years or in ten years than it is today,” said State Rep. Dan Caulkins (R-Decatur).
HB 3125 has passed the House Energy and Environment Committee.

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via WJBC AM 1230

January 12, 2022 at 02:34PM

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