Welch, Harmon on crime, partisanship


In confronting a rise in crime, Harmon came across as measured. “It’s affected members from all across the state, Democrats and Republicans alike,” he said. “I wish there were easy answers; I have not tripped over any of those. We’ll spend some time bringing in the experts, figuring out what tools law enforcement needs to combat this.”

Welch, on the other hand, said legislation implemented last year, such as a “reimagine public safety” bill, would bear fruit quickly. “Those $250 million will be distributed here in this first couple of months,” he said. “I do believe we are going to see an immediate result of this infrastructure being put back into place,” saying the one-term administration of former Gov. Bruce Rauner decimated Illinois services. “Our plan is to continue to build on that in this 2022 budget.”

Republicans, held to a superminority on each side of the Rotunda, frequently claim the respective leaders rule in a partisan fashion. Harmon says 95 percent of the time, it’s a unanimous vote; the other bills are the controversial ones which make the news. In contrast, Welch says the Republicans are the complainers; the Democrats are the “adults in the room.” GOP criticism on this front has sharpened in the twelve months since Welch proclaimed it a “new day.”

Welch is in his second year, Harmon his third, atop their respective chambers.

Region: Springfield,Local,Region: Central,City: Springfield

via Local – WTAX 93.9FM/1240AM https://wtax.com

January 7, 2022 at 07:53AM

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