Alderwoman Pat Dowell Discusses Run for U.S Congress with the Southland Journal

Alderwoman Pat Dowell Discusses Run for U.S Congress with the Southland Journal (Chicago, Illinois) Serving as Alderman of the Third Ward of Chicago since 2007, the decision to run for congress was not a light decision for Alderman Dowell. She gave thought to the changes she can help make at the state and national level.

“The issues that I care about are issues that I can work on, in Washington, for the benefit of my constituents who reside in the first congressional district,” said Dowell.

A Consensus Builder

“I think the person who goes to Washington has to be someone who can be a consensus builder, who has demonstrated the ability to work with many times a different people,” said Dowell.

Dowell stated that she has done just that through her work as Chair of the Budget committee for the city of Chicago. Working among the 50 aldermen in Chicago, she learned the importance of finding common ground among fellow wards to pass a budget that benefits everyone within the city.

If elected, she plans to take that experience to Washington, with the current 435 voting representatives who represent different interest and communities across rural, urban and suburban America.

Dowell also plans to use what she describes as a ‘wealth of experience’ gained through different programming initiatives she has been involved in. From helping to create small business, building affordable housing, education, and healthcare, these have served as foundational

“These issues affect the first district communities all over the state and in the city of Chicago,” said Dowell.

She hopes to build upon that by finding agencies and financial resources to bring back to the district.

Key Challenges

Voting rights and gun control are just two of the issues Dowell hopes to change if elected. She sees a greater opportunity to work at the federal level safeguarding the right to vote.

“Our right to vote is being threatened all over the country. I want to be a strong voice for marginalized communities. We have to safeguard that very important right,” emphasized Dowell.

She views the issue of illegal guns being problematic when states next to each other have different policies. She wants to advocate for a uniform policy across the country to remove illegal guns.

Dowell would like to start off with two actions if elected as congressman.

First, she wants people to understand the role of the congressman’s office and how the office can be best utilized. Secondly, she wants to find various funding and resources available that can be made of greater use within the district.

She envisions these resources being used in various ways, such as ensuring funding for transportation routes in the community.

A Lasting Legacy

“Legacy for me is about leaving visible signs of improvement in the areas I represent,” said Dowell.

Dowell wants to see more jobs created, more businesses built, and removing guns off the street if elected. She wants the constituents to know that she was a genuine and effective public servant who served with integrity.

Alderwoman Pat Dowell Discusses Run for U.S Congress with the Southland Journal

via The Southland Journal

January 6, 2022 at 07:11PM

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