Letter to the Editor | Spend more on social services


Spend more on social services

Anybody ever notice how Congress loves to argue about money designated to help people? There’s hardly a peep out of either mainstream party when it comes to funding for war. Claims that social-spending priorities are too expensive or extravagant are disgusting.

Brown University’s Costs of War project calculates that taxpayers in Illinois’ 13th Congressional District continue to pay over $160,000 per hour for our aggression over the last 20 years. And our country is far from a peacetime posture.

Our national debt is a beast of our own making. There is no doubt that the military members we sent to administer our version of justice post-9/11 need and deserve our care for the rest of their lives. They also deserve to live in communities that will sustain — maybe even enhance — their lives and the lives of their families.

We must also care for the poor and disadvantaged who suffer because of our never-to-end global war on terrorism at home and abroad.

Let’s let our elected representatives near and far know that we expect them to prioritize needs in our communities. Let’s use defense funds not directed to veterans to redress the suffering we cause.



via The News-Gazette

November 28, 2021 at 10:01AM

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