“Matchmakers” put together QHS students, mentors


QUINCY — Quincy High School Counselor Megan Williams has turned into a matchmaker bringing together students with mentors willing to help.

“Our goal is to have more adults in our students’ lives that want to see them succeed, that actually care and want to help them,” Williams said. “Right now the focus is on our students of color because our graduation rate for our students of color is so low it’s literally a crisis at this point.”

Matching community members who care with students in need can provide extra support so students walk across the stage to graduate.

“We’ll always take a mentor for any student, but there is some merit in having a mentor look like you,” Williams said. “While we have been successful in recruiting, we always need more people willing to help.”

Students gain from the support and encouragement of a mentor, and mentors have the satisfaction of knowing they made a difference in someone’s life.

“Mainly what we’re asking for is 30 minutes a week for up to two years with a student,” said John Lumpkin, district student support family liaison in Quincy Public Schools. “If you have the time, the energy, the dedication to impacting our youth, we’ll get you connected. That can make all the difference for that youth and the city of Quincy.”

More information about serving as a mentor in QPS is available by calling Megan Williams or John Lumpkin at Quincy High School at 217-224-3770 or QPS mentor coordinator Tracy Bugh at 217-223-8700.

via Herald-Whig

November 21, 2021 at 10:04AM

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