Pritzker: Voters don’t want Ken Griffin’s ‘puppet’ in office

“I pointed out that he lied,” Pritzker said today, referring to a dispute over how and whether National Guard troops should have been called out during 2020 protests after the shooting of George Floyd. Griffin “is a guy who wants to take the state backward. I want to take it forward.”

Pritzker, a liberal Democrat, has never been politically close to Griffin, a free-market Republican. Griffin was a major financial backer of former Gov. Bruce Rauner’s unsuccessful re-election race against Pritzker in 2018 and of other GOP candidates.

But their feud escalated yesterday when, at a meeting for a New York Times event, Griffin said Pritzker “doesn’t deserve to be governor of our state” and promised to be “all in financially” in backing an opponent in the 2022 election.

In his comments today, Pritzker did not specifically address Griffin’s concerns about rising Chicago crime rates, but the governor made it clear he did not think much of the overall criticism.

“This is the guy who brought you Bruce Rauner,” Pritzker said, noting that the state’s credit rating during Rauner’s tenure was repeatedly reduced as Springfield stalemated over passage of a new state budget for more than a year.

“I don’t think the people want to do a redo and put his puppet in office,” Pritzker said. “I think we’ve made a lot of progress” with better funding of schools and more jobs created, as opposed to Rauner’s slashing of social programs.“Ken Griffin is someone who’s made a lot of bad decisions” in political matters, Pritzker concluded. 

via Crain’s Chicago Business

November 11, 2021 at 02:32PM

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