Federal COVID shot opt-out not as clear as Democrats claim


The authorization from the FDA is a crucial step before full approval and before more people in the U.S. can start receiving a booster shot. A separate advisory committee for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is scheduled to vote Thursday on the use of Moderna and J&J boosters.

The only one of the three vaccines available in booster form is Pfizer-BioNTech and only for those 65 years and older or vulnerable Americans. Vulnerable may mean you live in a long-term care facility, work in a high-risk location, or have underlying condition like a chronic lung disease or obesity.

“It’s a little confusing,” said Dr. Sajal Tanna, an infectious disease physician at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and assistant professor at Northwestern’s school of medicine. “It’s just hard for laypeople and even physicians to know the whole process. The FDA says OK, but we can’t actually practice it yet. We have to wait for the CDC.”

Since mid-August, the United States has already been administering third Moderna and Pfizer doses to a small group of patients who are moderately to highly immunocompromised, including organ transplant recipients, some cancer patients and folks who take certain immunosuppressant medications. But this has only affected people with a very narrow list of conditions. The third doses serve a different purpose from booster shots, which are being administered to a wider base of people.

via The Quad-City Times

November 7, 2021 at 06:27PM

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