Statewide rental assistance applications set to reopen

ILLINOIS (WCIA)– The state will reopen rental assistance applications starting Monday through the Illinois Housing Development Authority.

Applications for the previous round of the Illinois Rental Payment Program closed a few months ago. Now, another $250 million in federal money is available.

That’s the amount IHDA was allotted from the American Rescue Plan back in March. IHDA Executive Director Kristin Faust the money available to apply for this time around is about half of what was just dispersed in round one.

Faust said she expects this to be the final round of rental assistance.

"This is it. There is no new sum of money waiting out there unless Congress passes more," she explained.

Applications will be open for just about four weeks, through the end of the day on Dec. 5.

Applying for round two is essentially the same process as the first time around. Although unlike before, the money in round two is also available for tenants who get federal rental subsidies, like housing choice vouchers.

There is one more small difference, according to Faust. She told us, "Before, the landlord started the application and the tenant finished it, or the tenant started the application and the landlord finished it. We’re instituting a new technology so that landlord and tenant can work on the application actually at the same time. It’s not so much one starting and one finishing, but we still need both pieces."

The funding can cover up to 15 months of back-payments and up to three months of future rent for each tenant or landlord, and according to Faust, the back-payments can be used to cover past-due rent as far back as early 2020 if needed.

To apply, someone must be at least one month behind on rent because of a loss of income that is a direct result of the pandemic. Faust added no proof of citizenship is required.

The application and more information are available at

Faust said all of the funding should be dispersed by February or March, but it will start being rolled out in December.

Round one funding update

All of the about $500 million from round one of the ILRPP has been dispersed to landlords, according to Faust. That covered all of the approved applications.

However, about 12,000 applications are still missing information, Faust said. She added IHDA has reached out to those people. If they respond and get approved, IHDA will use a portion of round two money to assist those tenants and landlords.

Eviction enforcement update

Since Oct. 3, eviction orders have been enforceable against people who were previously protected under the state’s eviction moratorium and sheriff’s departments are responsible for delivering the orders.

In the last month, Champaign County Sheriff’s deputies have served 84 notices of eviction to renters. 23 have been served by the Macon County Sheriff’s Office.

Those are just the orders from a judge. Before a landlord even files in court, they have to deliver the renter a notice themselves. It’s then filed in court if the tenant doesn’t pay or move out.

Once it’s gone to court and the judge orders an eviction, by law, a sheriff’s deputy has to deliver it.

Champaign County Sheriff Dustin Heuerman told us rental assistance information is included with every order served. He encouraged renters in need to apply for available assistance.


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November 5, 2021 at 06:15PM

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