State Rep. Zalewski: Daylight Savings Time “drives people crazy”

More questions are being asked about the prospect of permanently staying in Daylight Saving Time. (Photo courtesy Pixabay)

By Dave Dahl

SPRINGFIELD – The twice-a-year changing of the clocks – as Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend, giving us an extra hour – would come to an end, if some Illinois lawmakers have their way.

“It drives people crazy,” said State Rep. Mike Zalewski (D-Chicago). “Parents with small kids are affected, and you’re physiologically affected, so i would be for one way or the other” between Standard Time and Daylight Saving Time, as long as Illinois sticks to it year-round.

The argument for this rests not only on removing an annoyance but also on health grounds. At least one lawmaker, State Rep. Tim Butler (R-Springfield), says he would prefer Standard Time year-round, so people could get to school and get to work after sunrise.

In Illinois and other states which observe the clock change, the 1 a.m. hour this Sunday will repeat. 

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via WJBC AM 1230

November 4, 2021 at 02:46PM

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