State representative Barbara Hernandez receives award for health work

In recognition for her work to maintain clean air, State representative Barbara Hernandez, D-Aurora, recently received an award from the Respiratory Health Association.

“The Respiratory Health Association has been fighting for better air quality and equitable health care for lung diseases for years and I am grateful for their recognition,” Hernandez said. “Living with poor lung health can be debilitating. Not being able to breathe properly can impact people’s ability to work, to learn and even to connect with their friends and family. Preventing dangerous pollutants from intensifying these problems prevents a great deal of unnecessary suffering, and our work here is far from over.”

Hernandez received recognition from the Respiratory Health Association for her work shaping policy on the House Energy and Environment Committee. She has backed clean air, green energy and other environmentally-friendly legislation and often argued for initiatives to preserve Illinois’ natural beauty. Most recently, Hernandez cast her vote for a landmark clean energy package which will set Illinois on a path to reduce harmful carbon emissions and other air pollutants.

“Millions of people’s futures depend on having clean air to breathe,” Hernandez said. “If we don’t commit to legislative action to stop pollution and provide affordable health care to all who need it, anyone with even moderate lung problems will face unfair long-term challenges. I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

—Office of State representative Barbara Hernandez

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via The Voice

October 26, 2021 at 02:43PM

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