Illinois Dentists to Treat Veterans in Need in Their Offices

A very exciting Press Release from the ISDS

“SPRINGFIELD – The 6,000-plus dentists of the Illinois State Dental Society want to show veterans that we care about their smiles.  Throughout the month of November, many Illinois State Dental Society dentists have reserved appointment times in their offices to salute Illinois veterans.

Under the Illinois Dentists Salute initiative, participating dentists will provide critically needed dental services for the selfless men and women who have served our country—at no cost to the veteran!  Illinois veterans are eligible to receive no-cost treatment at participating dental offices.  The dentist will determine priority treatment for the veteran patient.

Visit the Illinois Dentists Salute page at for a list of participating dental offices to schedule an appointment today.

The dentists of the Illinois State Dental Society salute our veterans for their service and sacrifice.  If you have questions on Illinois Dentists Salute, contact Misty Glass at 217/525-1406.”

Feeds,News,Region: South Suburbs,Region: Joliet

via 98.3 WCCQ

October 25, 2021 at 09:55AM

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