Secretary of State candidate focuses on service in Quincy stop

QUINCY — Illinois Secretary of State candidate David Moore visited Quincy Friday.

Moore, a Chicago alderman, is seeking the Democratic nomination for the office currently held by Jesse White who is not seeking re-election.

He’s the first statewide Democratic candidate to make a stop in Quincy during this election cycle.

Moore went to Western Illinois University after growing up in Chicago, and he said that taught him the importance of reaching out to people across the state, not just in the major population centers.

"It’s important to recognize that people everywhere, whether it’s Chicago or Macomb or East St. Louis or Quincy, everyone wants a good quality of life," Moore said at the Adams County Democratic Party Soup Supper held at the Machinists Lodge. "And part of that is sharing the resources that the state has. In order to share those resources, a public servant has to go to ever corner of the state, to see what people need."

Moore added he feels it’s important to make sure the secretary of state is a service seat, not a political one.

"With 20 different divisions under the Secretary of State, we can’t afford to let this one become a political seat and fall into the battles and corruption its seen in the past," he said. 

When asked about working with Illinois’s wide range of communities, from urban to rural, Moore said he feels the best way to handle those differences is through communications.

"I don’t see it as a challenge, but as an opportunity," he said. "Staying connected with the leaders of all communities, the leaders who are in touch with the people all the time, that’s critical. In my ward in Chicago, the residents all have my personal cellphone number so they can reach me."

Some of the ideas Moore proposes for the office include registering young drivers to vote when they turn 18, if they already have their license, with an opt-out option, and moving the state to adopting digital license plates such as those that have rolled out in California and Michigan.

Also seeking the Democratic nomination is former state Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias and Chicago City Clerk Anna Valencia.

The Illinois primary election was pushed back because of delays in the census process and redistricting efforts caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Primary elections across the state will be held on June 28, with the general election still taking place on Nov. 8, 2022.

via Herald-Whig

October 22, 2021 at 10:47PM

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