Pritzker: Abortions, electric vehicles could come up during Fall Veto Session

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Governor JB Pritzker has some definite things he’d like to see taken care of when the fall veto session begins in Springfield Tuesday.

Pritzker made an amendatory veto to what was described as landmark clean energy legislation, because he wants to see residents get a $4,000 rebate for buying an electric car.

“There’s some conflicting language within the bill,” said Pritzker. “The intention all along was to make [the rebate] available to everybody in the state. That is clear in several sections of the bill, but unclear in another two sections.”

Lawmakers would have to affirm or override the amendatory veto.

Pritzker says he’d also like to see discussion on the 1995 law requiring someone 17 or younger to notify a parent or legal guardian before seeking abortion.

“I think I’m clear about it. I’m in favor of a woman’s right to choose,” said Pritzker. “I’m in favor of repealing [the Parental Notification Act]. I don’t know whether the Legislature will bring this up over the two weeks of veto session.”

The legislature, over the next two weeks, could also take up the newly-proposed redrawn congressional districts that eliminate the 18th Congressional District, and therefore would make U.S. Rep. Darin LaHood subject to a primary if he wants to run for office again.

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October 18, 2021 at 11:37AM

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