Police, firefighters have lowest vax rates among city workers


Complete citywide vaccination data can be found here

Just 54% of the Chicago Police Department—roughly 6,900 of about 12,800 employees—reported being fully vaccinated as of Monday, according to city data. 1,300 responded they were not yet fully vaccinated. Thirty-six percent didn’t submit their vaccination status to the city at all. The city and Fraternal Order of Police are sparring in court over the future of the vaccine mandate. The union claims it has not been adequately bargained. The city says the head of the FOP, John Catanzara, is aiming to incite an insurrection and threatening the careers of officers. 

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At the Chicago Fire Department, 60% of the workforce—about 3,000 employees of roughly 4,900—reported being fully vaccinated. Twenty eight percent—more than 1,300 employees—didn’t submit their vaccination status.

via Crain’s Chicago Business

October 18, 2021 at 04:18PM

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