Calumet Township Supervisor Concludes Shredding Campaign Amid Increase in Identity Theft | Chicago Defender

Calumet Township Supervisor/Illinois State Representative Robert “Bob” Rita- has just concluded a southern Cook County multi-town Paper Shredding drive that attracted thousands of Southlands residents to take advantage of free services that will decrease the opportunity of identity theft.

“When a thief gains access to personal information like your name, address, credit card or bank account numbers; the financial hardships can last for months or years. Perhaps a less obvious impact of having your identity stolen is the emotional toll that can accompany it.” Supervisor Rita.

Identity theft issues could also manifest as physical symptoms. In today’s cyber-focused world, the Internet is another way identity thieves can gain access to personal information like passwords to your email and social media accounts.

During these shredding events, Supervisor Rita and his staff encouraged residents to check their credit reports at least three times per year, to update their antivirus software on their computers, implement privacy controls on their social media platforms, avoid unsecure wifi and to change their passwords at least every 90 days.

Supervisor Rita continues, “Many of our Township residents have talked to me about the spike in identity theft. I’m hopeful that will this type of shredding event, that there would be a decline in this specific crime. The consequences of improperly disposing of confidential information could cost organizations and individuals lots of money, time, and embarrassment. But I have been greatly encouraged by the huge turnout of people who responded to our invite.”

Many consumers are also concerned about identity theft. The consequences of improperly disposing of confidential information have cost organizations and individuals money, time, and embarrassment.

via Chicago Defender

October 8, 2021 at 10:44PM

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