Mother of student who DPS teacher allegedly battered calls for board president to resign

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – The parent of a Decatur Public Schools student who a teacher allegedly battered has called for the board president to resign over comments he made in an email.

Tiasha Dady spoke Tuesday night at the board meeting after handing out a piece of paper to everyone on the board and others in the room, which contained a transcript of an email in which DPS Board President Dan Oakes told a district spokesperson "let’s just let it die" regarding a request from WAND News for an interview from the board on the alleged battery situation. The spokesperson, Denise Swarthout, replied to Oakes and said "couldn’t agree more."

"And with me being my daughter’s voice, I can assure you that enough hasn’t been said! I won’t let it die," Dady told the board Tuesday night. She gave a copy of her speech to the board to WAND News, and her full comments toward Oakes are below:

In the alleged Aug. 20 battery, South Shores teacher Jamie Goodman is accused of pushing Dady’s 8-year-old daughter’s head on a desk when the child wouldn’t do it voluntarily, striking her forehead on the desktop. According to police, statements obtained in the investigation led officers to believe what happened was intentional and done out of frustration.

Dady said what happened left her daughter with a concussion. She also said her daughter is going through emotional distress and her trust in authority figures has been broken.

WAND News reached out to Oakes about Dady’s call for him to step down. He has not yet responded to a request by email for comment.

Dady also expressed concerns about Bobbi Williams, the DPS interim superintendent, in her speech to the board. She said she got a call from Williams on Aug. 24 in which Williams said she didn’t know about what happened.

Williams has not responded to a Tuesday night request for comment from WAND News.

Dady’s statement also mentioned praise for South Shores Principal Geneka Gully and Assistant Superintendent Jeffery Dase, who she said "have been the only ones that have provided me with continuous administrative support."

Dady’s full comments are attached to this story.

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October 7, 2021 at 07:25PM

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