Secretary of state candidate claims dirty politics over candidate with same last name

(The Center Square) – A candidate for Illinois Secretary of State is crying foul over another candidate with the same last name.

David Moore is one of several candidates in what is likely going to be a crowded field come election day. Moore, who has a logo called “Moore for Illinois”, is unhappy that another candidate has entered the race with the name of Sidney Moore.

“Someone out there is recognizing that we have a clear edge in this race and they are trying to confuse people,” said David Moore.

Moore said what better way to siphon off potential votes and waste money challenging signatures than to put a candidate in the race with the same last name.

“This conjures up memories of Jesse Jackson Jr. and Jesse Jackson, a candidate with the same name who was used as a pawn for one purpose only,” the David Moore campaign said in a statement.

Sidney Moore said he would be happy to make a change during the campaign.

“Well, he doesn’t have to worry about it because I am going to make a distinction with that,” said Sidney Moore. “I am going to run as Sidney “M”, so there won’t be any confusion out there.”

Longtime Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, who is serving his sixth consecutive term, isn’t seeking reelection. The 87-year-old initially wasn’t going to run in 2018, but changed his mind and won another term. In August he said he would not run again.

There are about a half dozen names that have either announced or are exploring a run for the office.

The primary is in June. The general election is in November 2022.



September 28, 2021 at 08:22PM

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