Carrier Mills High School students start ‘Grateful Gifts’ challenge

CARRIER MILLS (WSIL)—Schools nationwide have been hit by a trend called the devious licks challenge where students steal from teacher’s classrooms.

"We have had some instances of the devious licks trend causing some students to make some bad choices and do some things here at the school, and it’s really unfortunate," said the Carrier Mills Honor Society sponsor Emma Lane.

Carrier Mills High School honor society members decided to make their own trend in response, calling it the Grateful Gifts challenge.

"We wanted to thank our teachers for being so gracious and kind that they have been since COVID’s been going on. So we wanted to do something special and we wanted to get them Sonic drinks," said co-president Madison Murphy.

The Honor Society went to Sonic and purchased 53 drinks, one for each teacher in the High School and Elementary School.

The idea came after a teacher responded to the Devious Lick Trend on Facebook.

"I saw a Facebook post of a teacher saying, ‘You’re stealing things from schools, but wouldn’t it be great if a student brought us a Sonic drink?’" said Murphy.

Lane hopes the trend will inspire other students.

"I hope that they will see it only takes a couple of strong voices to take a stand against something and say ‘we’re not going with the majority. We’re not following this social media trend. We’re gonna start our own," said Lane.

Honor society members are excited to perform more kind gestures in the future.

"Giving back has always been something that I love to do and most of our National Honor Society members really like to do and so it’s just a great way to kind of get that adrenaline boost of, ‘we’ve done something great for the community, what else can we do?’" said Murphy.

Now the Carrier Mills Honor Society hopes other students will take the challenge, to give "Grateful Gifts" around their own communities.

via WSIL

September 23, 2021 at 07:01AM

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