Watch now: What’s next in path toward Illinois clean energy legislation

The bill in its current form is supported by labor and the solar industry, but has not yet received support from Pritzker or a coalition of environmental groups.

In a concession to the latter group, a hard 2045 closure date for the aforementioned City Water, Light and Power coal-fired plant in Springfield and the Prairie State Energy Campus near St. Louis were included.

But taken out were interim decarbonization goals between now and then, meaning that the coal plants would essentially be allowed to continue polluting with no restrictions until the closure date. This is a no-go for the enviros. 

What remains unclear is if a bill can pass with both a hard closure date and intermittent decarbonization targets that the plants will have to meet in between. 

"We look forward to continued conversations in the House to address interim climate targets and earn the support of all stakeholders necessary to get this historic and urgent legislation across the finish line,” the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition said in a state following the legislation’s passage.

Pritzker’s office seems to think there’s a way, but Senate President Don Harmon was less optimistic. 

"I don’t know if that’s economically feasible," Harmon said, speaking to reporters early Wednesday morning. "If the governor can negotiate that, I think he’d have broad support in the Senate. But I think that’s a tall order."

via The Southern

September 3, 2021 at 04:22PM

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