Ald. Jim Gardiner Apologizes For Series Of Offensive Texts About Women, Fellow Alderman

CHICAGO (CBS) — Facing withering criticism for a series of offensive texts about women and his colleagues, Ald. Jim Gardiner on Friday called to apologize to at least one of his targets, Ald. Scott Waguespack, sources told CBS 2.

Waguespack (32nd) said Gardiner (45th) needs to apologize to all the people involved.

In some of the texts, which were obtained by the CBS 2 Political Investigator Dana Kozlov, Gardiner refers to women as “bitch” and used that word to describe a fellow alderman.

In one text, after Gardiner is informed Waguespack was attending an event, Gardiner replied, “Nice. Is his bitch with him? White girl w blonde dirty hair?” It was unclear who Gardiner was referring to in that exchange. The Tribune reports he was apparently referring to the Waguespack’s chief of staff, Anne Emerson.

In another text, Gardiner refers to Ald. Tom Tunney as a “bitch” and a “f—ing snake” after Tunney showed up for a meeting, which Gardiner did not expect. The text ends with Gardiner saying, “F–k him.”

Tunney’s chief of staff, Bennet Lawson, said Friday that “alderman Gardiner called alderman Tunney, who accepted his apology.”

In yet another exchange, Gardiner refers to a local political communications director as a “dumb bitch.”

The texts were first made public by the The People’s Fabric blog.

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via CBS Chicago

September 3, 2021 at 01:45PM

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