Resident ‘Embarrassed’ By Hinsdale 86 Audience Applause

HINSDALE, IL — Hinsdale resident Andrew Catton’s comments drew loud applause last month during a Hinsdale High School District 86 board meeting.

Catton accused the district of allowing critical race theory to make inroads, but he provided no evidence. Catton’s comments about critical race theory have been read at board meetings over the last two months. He was not in attendance.

At a meeting last week, another Hinsdale resident, Linda Burke, took Catton to task for his comments.

"This person obviously didn’t have the guts to face the board," she said.

Burke said no one has presented evidence of a "nefarious" plan for critical race theory in the district. And she said no one has offered any examples that the race theory would be incorporated into the curriculum. Rather, she said, the allegation itself is an excuse to spread racial hatred.

She noted the applause after Catton’s comments were read at the July 22 board meeting.

"The people in the audience were cheering for this," Burke said. "I apologize for this community. I’m embarrassed for this community that our board was subjected to this."

Catton couldn’t be reached for comment.

Critical race theory has been around for four decades and examines societal issues through the lens of race. Proponents see racism as part of legal systems and policies, not just the result of individual prejudice. Lately, it has become a lightning rod among conservatives.

Last month, Catton said the district has accepted critical race theory.

"To my dismay, I was appalled to see that this radical ideology has not only made simple inroads, but rather has been made a part of the district’s five-year strategic plan," he said. "Forcing all decision-making through a racial or gender identity politics prism while bashing American history along the way will be catastrophic for the school system. If you cannot see how this can be harmful to the student body, student teacher interaction and even parent and student relationships, what business do any of you have being on the board? It’s borderline criminal."

Catton did not give any examples in which he believed the district was "bashing American history."

via Hinsdale-Clarendon Hills, IL Patch

August 24, 2021 at 06:43AM

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