Pritzker Signs Bills For First Responders To Better Access Mental Health Services And Strengthening Scott’s Law

CHICAGO (CBS) — Governor JB Pritzker signed three more bills Thursday in an effort to better protect the state’s first responders.

In addition to strengthening Scott’s Law, the state is making mental health services easier to access for paramedics, police and firefighters.

“Our first responders face intense physical and mental health challenges every sing day on the job. We want our first responders and their loved ones to know the signs to know what they need and most importantly, to how to get help,” Pritzker said.

Starting January 1, courts have more options to hold Scott’s Law violators accountable. New language in Scott’s Law also clarifies a driver’s responsibility when their vehicle enters an emergency zone.

Emergency professionals experience higher rates of PTSD and depression than the general population.

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via CBS Chicago

August 12, 2021 at 12:06PM

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