Rare Coins, Sports Memorabilia to be Auctioned At Illinois State Fair


A number of items worth around $150,000 will be auctioned off at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield on August 21 at the Lincoln Stage.

The items are being sold by the Illinois State Treasurer’s Office as part of an annual unclaimed property auction. State Treasurer Michael Frerichs says there is a wide variety of items up for sale.

Some of the items were previewed in Springfield on Monday. Frerichs says the auction is meant to open up space as the office acquires more unclaimed property.

Frerichs says his job is hold onto unclaimed property until the rightful owner comes forward.

Anyone can check the state treasurer’s web site to see if there is any unclaimed property being held in their name.

A full list of auction items can be found by clicking here.

Local,Region: South Suburbs,Region: Joliet

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August 3, 2021 at 12:41PM

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