Report: Illinois has second highest gas taxes, fees in the country

(WREX) — A new report shows Illinoisans are paying among the highest gas taxes and fees in the entire country.

The American Petroleum Institute released new data examining gas taxes, other state taxes/fees, and total state plus federal taxes for every state.

According to the data, Illinois only trails California when it comes to a state’s gas tax. Illinois’ gas tax increased by another half-cent on July 1, bringing the state’s gas tax up to $0.39, which trails California’s $0.51 gas tax.

The report says Illinois drivers also pay an additional 20 cents in other state taxes/fees, which includes an underground storage tank rate of .3 cpg and environmental impact fee of .8 cpg.

When adding all of the taxes up, state and federal, Illinois drivers pay the second most in gas taxes at $0.779. California comes in at number one once again at $0.853.

You can view the full report below.


via WSIL

August 2, 2021 at 06:53AM

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