State Senator Wants Regulations for Lithium Batteries

Morris State Senator Sue Rezin says there ought to be some additional rules on the books about the storage and disposal of lithium batteries. Weeks ago, a massive fire in Morris at a warehouse used to store lithium batteries of various sizes prompted evacuations and forced firefighters to get creative with extinguishing the blaze as water and firefighting foam were not working.

There were around 200,000 pounds of batteries being stored at the site. Rezin says this not just a local issue. Larger lithium batteries are becoming more and more common with the rise of electric cars.

Rezin says the cleanup of a situation like this is not simple.

Firefighters had to cover the batteries in a dry cement mix to extinguish the fire. The Morris Fire Department had to consult with fire experts and battery experts across the country to find a way to put out the blaze.

News,Region: South Suburbs,Region: Joliet

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July 29, 2021 at 02:04PM

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