Elgin, Rep. Moeller to Celebrate Ernie Broadnax Day


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ELGIN — Citizens in Elgin will unite later this week to say thank you to a distinguished one of their own.

State Rep. Anna Moeller, city officials and friends and family will come together this Friday, July 30, to celebrate Ernie Broadnax Day in Elgin. Broadnax’s many accomplishments and years of service will get formal recognition in the public ceremony set for the Elgin History Museum front lawn.

Read more about Ernie Broadnax and what is planned for his day in this latest update from Rep. Moeller:

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One of Elgin’s most outstanding and accomplished citizens will be getting his own day in the city this week.

State Rep. Anna Moeller (D-Elgin) will be among many joining City of Elgin leaders, family and friends to honor Earnest "Ernie" Broadnax with Ernie Broadnax Day in Elgin this Friday, July 30. The proclamation ceremony will be held at 4 p.m. on the front lawn of the Elgin History Museum, and all are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Find out what’s happening in Elgin with free, real-time updates from Patch.

Ernie Broadnax is a lifelong resident of Elgin and from one of the city’s first African-American families. Born in 1935, he was the first Black basketball player at Elgin Community College, served more than a decade in the United States Marine Corps, and was the first Black person to have an office at Elgin City Hall in the late 1960s.

Broadnax is being recognized with his own day for his many contributions to Elgin, including as an educator and historian. His 2015 documentary Project 2-3-1: A Story of Elgin’s African American Heritage earned him many awards and was distributed to all 844 Illinois libraries in partnership with Secretary of State Jesse White. He was the originator and narrator of the trolley car tour of Elgin’s historic African American neighborhood.

In Illinois House Resolution 945 that was approved in Springfield earlier this year, Rep. Moeller noted Broadnax has played many important roles over the past several decades to help others in Elgin: community relations organizer, youth leader, mentor, storyteller, and human relations champion. He has been recognized time and again for his efforts to improve the community with awards and commendations.

And as of this Friday, Elgin will celebrate Ernie Broadnax Day as another way to thank him for his service.

"Mr. Broadnax is the epitome of an outstanding citizen. He selflessly helps people in need, and has always been active in our community without asking for anything in return," Moeller said. "I am proud to join many this Friday to celebrate Ernie Broadnax Day to show how much he means to Elgin."

The 4 p.m. ceremony at the Elgin History Museum (360 Park Street in Elgin) will feature a presentation of colors, speeches and presentations from local officials recognizing Broadnax, and remarks from Broadnax himself. Accidentally on Purpose will perform music before and after the ceremony.


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July 27, 2021 at 03:03PM

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