CTA ridership recovering fast, especially downtown


“Ridership to and from the Loop has seen the biggest gains of any area of the city, as workers return to the office and downtown events and activities,” the CTA said in a statement. “Since May 1, rail ridership is up 53 percent, while ridership on bus routes primarily serving the Loop was up 41 percent.”

I can attest to that.  Trying to get a seat on the Red Line north—particularly without having someone without a mask sit next to you—is increasingly hard. Rush hours now again often feature standing passengers.

But though riders are returning, the CTA is nowhere near where it was before COVID hit.

Average weekday ridership in June 2019, for instance, was 1.52 million. With ridership now running 600,000 a day, the CTA isn’t even halfway back to where it was. 

Officials say they’re still continuing an extensive cleaning and disinfection program and still are asking even fully vaccinated people to wear masks.

“We’re doing everything we can to roll out the welcome mat for our customers, and reminding them that public transit is the most affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly way to get around,” said CTA President Dorval Carter.

Carter, in his statement, also reminded patrons that the CTA will continue to run a summertime fair promotion, with a day pass costing $5, a 3-day pass $15 and a 7-day pass just $20, all good for unlimited rides.

via Crain’s Chicago Business

July 8, 2021 at 06:01PM

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