St. Rep. Yednock undecided on run for reelection, pleased with legislature’s finish to the session

Ottawa Democrat Lance Yednock says he hasn’t decided if he’s going to run for reelection to the Illinois House. If he does, it’ll be in a somewhat different district.

The primary will be in one year. Republican Travis Breeden, who lost to Yednock last year, has already announced his intent to run again.

Yednock says he wasn’t involved in drawing the new map, but he believes it was a constitutional process. And he’s expecting Republicans to challenge it, but he says he’s not worried about that. He says it’s just part of the process of checks and balances.

Yednock says he’s pleased to have helped pass budgets that protect the most vulnerable people three years in a row. The state representative’s philosophy is that you can’t hold out for a budget that’s ideal.

Yednock says the budget is the most important of the many things the legislature got done in just a few weeks.

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June 28, 2021 at 01:25PM

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