Quincy Mayor assigns housing committee to devise a plan


QUINCY (WGEM) — The Quincy City Council continues to try to improve housing in Quincy.

Mayor Mike Troup said Monday he has organized a Residential Property Registration Ad Hoc Committee.

The Committee will be comprised of about 10 people including the mayor, aldermen, and landlords.

Troup said this comes after the city council tabled the Residential Registration Ordinance until September for more time to dive into the issues.

"People that understand the process and people that are concerned with safe housing in Quincy," Troup said. "That’s how we really came up with the list and I decided I was going to put myself on there because I think it’s a critical issue for the city of Quincy."

He said the committee will have four meetings, between July and August, that will all focus on different topics to talk about ways to strengthen the ordinance.

Troup said it’s all in an effort to get alderman on board and give the landlords a better understanding of the requirements.

City Council also heard the first presentation of an ordinance that would amend the Economic Development Loan Program.

The amendment would replace the City’s Economic DEvelopment Revolving Loan Fund with new program called Q-Fund, that would expand the eligibility for loans to stimulate economic growth.

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via WGEM

June 22, 2021 at 06:33AM

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