Abortion rights group hosts big-bucks fundraiser for Speaker Welch


It may be a new day in Springfield now that Mike Madigan is gone as Illinois House speaker. But certain things never change in politics, including big dollar fundraisers thrown on behalf of key lawmakers.

Coming up this very Wednesday, June 9, is a virtual fund-raiser for Emanuel “Chris” Welch, who just finished up his first session as House speaker.

The event is being hosted by Personal PAC, a pro-choice group which has managed to pass much of its agenda into law in recent years but still has one big item remaining. That would be repealing the state’s parental notice law, which requires minors to involve a family member – or a judge – before having an abortion.

The parental notification law has been a big point of controversy for many years. Only a couple of months ago, ACLU’s Illinois chapter and Human Rights Watch issued a report saying that the law “may force young people to continue pregnancies against their will or to endure abuse, humiliation, and punishment by unsupportive parents.”

So, would you be surprised to hear that a measure sponsored by Speaker Welch to repeal the parental notice law is sitting in a House committee and waiting for a vote?

Anyhow, tickets for the event are going for $250 up to $2,500 for a “pro-choice hero” sponsorship. According to the invites, those serving on the host committee include: Personal PAC chief Terry Cosgrove; former state rep hopeful Dee Beaubien; Susan Pritzker, cousin-in-law of Gov. J.B. Pritzker; and activist Cari Sacks, the wife of activist and part Sun-Times owner Michael Sacks. 

Given that the event will feature former Planned Parenthood of America President Cecile Richards, political insiders expect the event easily could pull in $100,000. Invites say proceeds will go to “support” Welch, but don’t say how. Welch’s office did not respond to a request for comment. 

Money will be funneled through ActBlue, a Democratic fundraising group.

via Crain’s Chicago Business https://ift.tt/1mywUHL

June 7, 2021 at 05:36PM

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