Illinois lawmakers pass follow-up criminal justice bill

A provision on law enforcement misconduct is also changed to be more lenient under the amendment. In order for an officer to be charged with law enforcement misconduct, a Class 3 felony, the officer must have knowingly and intentionally misrepresented or withheld knowledge of the facts of a case with the intent to obstruct the prosecution or defense of an individual, under the amendment.

The IACP also noted a lack of state funding for the body camera mandate and the fact that the attorney general can issue penalties to individual officers, rather than penalties for their departments and municipalities, for civil infractions, as “major issues unaddressed” in the trailer bill.

“The Illinois Chiefs support the trailer bill. It addresses many of our serious concerns with the SAFE-T Act, and law enforcement will be much better off with these changes,” the statement from the IACP concludes. “We remain concerned about unresolved and unaddressed issues, but in recent months we have strengthened a process of negotiating honestly and in good faith with legislators about criminal justice reform.”

Sims released a statement after his amendment passed the Senate.

“Public safety has always been the number one priority of the SAFE-T Act and our goal remains the same— to create safer communities. That’s why, when negotiating these changes, we again included input from advocates, law enforcement officials and various stakeholders,” he said.

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June 2, 2021 at 02:18PM

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