Illinois Higher-Ed Flat Funded & MAP Grants Increased $28 Million In Pending Budget

Illinois lawmakers have approved a $42 billion budget that now awaits Governor J.B. Pritzker’s pen. State Representative Jeff Keicher, a Sycamore Republican, says the state’s revenues over the past few months have been much greater than projections. He says the state saw nearly a billion dollars more tax revenue than expected. It also received over $8 billion from the American Rescue Plan Act. “If we had been talking last May, that we thought the dire situation we saw in May of 2020 was going to resolve itself and Illinois would be bringing in more cash than we had anticipated in our revenue stream would have been laughable,” he said. “But here we are.” Rep. Keicher is also the spokesperson for the House Higher-Ed Appropriations Committee. The proposed budget includes $1.9 billion for higher education, the same rate as last year . The State Board of Education initially proposed a $50 million increase to MAP grants, but that was reduced in the governor’s budget to a $28 million boost.

Region: Northern,Feeds,Region: DeKalb,Local,City: DeKalb

via Local

June 2, 2021 at 04:36PM

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