St. Rep. Yednock says budget came from bipartisan teamwork; Republicans say they were shut out

Ottawa Democratic St. Rep. Lance Yednock says the budget the legislature passed this morning came after months of bipartisan teamwork. He says it takes care of everyone’s needs and is balanced.

Republicans find fault with a big budget being delivered to the floor for consideration just minutes before a vote. St. Rep. Tom Demmer of Dixon says there’s $1 billion in federal money the state is giving to Democratic districts for member initiatives—which some call pork projects.

St. Sen. Brian Stewart of Freeport says Republicans have tried to work with Democrats on a budget but have been repeatedly rebuffed. He says the budget cuts hundreds of millions of dollars in job-creating incentives just when Illinois needs them most.

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via d2674

June 1, 2021 at 09:56AM

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