Illinois Democrats release revised remap for House, Senate – Crain’s Chicago Business

The changes came in two forms.

First, in response to pleas from Orthodox Jewish leaders, the Dems agreed to revisions in districts on the Far North and Northwest sides and nearby suburbs to keep that community more together. The revised map also puts Lawndale back together as a whole in one West Side district, instead of splitting it.

Second, the Dems partially undid some downstate nastiness in which they lumped together into one district as many as four GOP incumbent reps. Sources confirm at least eight of those were undone, with the lawmakers involved now having a whole district each to themselves. But more than a dozen Republican will still have to fight it out amongst themselves in other districts, instead of saving the money to battle Democrats.

“It was a ploy to get us to go along, and we didn’t bite,” says one ranking Republican. “They tried the exact same thing 10 years ago. It’s the same playbook.”

Which may explain why House GOP Leader Jim Durkin, R-Western Springs, called the revised map “dishonest”—that, and the fact that it’s likely to leave Democrats with roughly the same supermajorities they now enjoy in both the House and Senate.

Still, it looks like the Democrats listened, at least a bit. Unlike the rest of the remap process, in which the party has been secretive, utterly self-absorbed and unconcerned about much except grabbing what it can. Just like dominant Republicans in other states.

Anyhow, the Dems also laid out a proposed redistricting of Cook County Board of Review districts. See that map below, too. The map appears to leave Democrats in solid control of two proposed districts on the north and south sides of the county. The GOP would have a shot, though a lesser one than now, in a new west/northwest district.

The Board of Review is the place property owners can appeal their tax assessments. It’s run by Democrats now, although the three current commissioners have on occasion disagreed among themselves and with County Assessor Fritz Kaegi, also a Democrat.


via “Illinois Politics” – Google News

May 28, 2021 at 03:13PM

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