Path Dedicated In Memory Of Maggie Crotty

BREMEN TOWNSHIP, IL — It was a perfect day for a walk, an even better day to dedicate a path in memory of Maggie Crotty.

Many friends showed up to honor Maggie as the walking path was dedicated. Friends which included former Speaker of the Illinois House Mike Madigan. Also, part of the dedication was Robin Kelly who is the congresswoman of the 2nd District. John Cullerton told stories about his friendship with Maggie as well.

The emcee of the dedication was former Illinois House of Representative, Terry Steczo. He remembers Maggie as a strong voice in Illinois.

"It was obvious from the time I first met her that she had natural leadership qualities" said Steczo. "Whenever and wherever she decided to get involved in projects it wasn’t too long before she was in charge. She joined her children’s PTA organization when they were in school and before long was president. Then she ran for the school board and within a short time was board president. When she decided to run for the legislature I knew that she had the abilities and capabilities to be able to be successful, and she was" Steczo added.

Maggie Crotty had made impacts on people. One was her administrator at Bremen Township Rondal Jones, who she called her fourth son.

"I started out as a volunteer for Bremen Township Democratic Organization with Maggie in 1992" said Jones. "Our friendship and bond only grew stronger over time. Since then, I have served as an Alderman for the City of Markham for the past eighteen years. Maggie showed me how you can work in the political field with ethics, honor and integrity. She is gone but will never be forgotten by me" he added.

A large part of the dedication is current Bremen Township Supervisor, Kathryn Straniero, who was handpicked by Maggie to take over Bremen Township.

"Maggie was my friend" said Straniero. " I miss being able to talk to her at anytime. She was like a big sister to me and to Debbie Van Kuiken. We would have dinner once a month. She listened to all of us and let us unload. She as there for us. She was a great hostess and always made you feel comfortable. We all served on the school board and she pushed me into doing things much greater than I would have ever though that I could inspire to do. She saw things in people, such a good judge of character. She could sum people up in a heartbeat. She as always right. I miss her leadership."

As Maggie’s son Keith Crotty and his family look at benches with his mother’s name on them, he is overwhelmed with this space dedicated to her.

"This is a great honor" said Keith Crotty. "I speak for the whole family when I say that she would be overwhelmed by this. She had a special place in her heart for seniors. She put a lot of time to care for them, this is fitting."

Thinking about his mom, there are things her misses most.

"I miss her laughter, we’ve been very fortunate to have someone like my mom in our lives" said Keith." It’s nice to see all the love and support just from the community and from her friends. That’s what days like today are about, it’s about showing their respect and how much she meant to them."

The walking path is a quarter of a mile which is behind the Senior/Youth Complex in Oak Forest.

Another long time friend of Maggie that attended the dedication was Donna Miller, who is the Cook County Commissioner of the 6th District. Miller met Maggie when her husband David Miller served in the Illinois State Representative.

"I first met Maggie when my husband and she served together in the Illinois General Assembly" said Miller. Maggie was a mom first before anything else. "She had such a love for her family. When she was in the general assembly with my husband my kids were babies. Sometimes he would bring my sons to Springfield and I was always so worried. Maggie would tell me don’t worry there are lot’s of moms like me here and they will be fine."

Maggie and Donna were able to work together on a few projects when Donna as elected to the Cook County Commissioner of the 6th District. "As soon as I got in office, she made sure she reached out, she was always offering to help out."

With Miller’s office being in Oak Forest, she will be close to the Maggie Crotty walking path. "I loved the analogy someone made" Miller said. "She as always running, now she has a walking path to slow her down."

"Now we have to do another project to remember her" laughed Straniero. "We all banded together, trustees and elected officials want to work together and make sure this township lives up to Maggie’s expectations. We want to complete work that she started and we want to do new things. Not only did we lose a tremendous leader but we lost a friend. Having this tribute to her it helps because we can’t forget her."

via Oak Forest, IL Patch

May 27, 2021 at 05:00PM

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