Measure to help older adults, people with disabilities passes

Legislation sponsored by State Senator John Connor (D-Lockport) that extends homestead exemptions for individuals with disabilities and senior citizens without reapplication advanced out of the Senate Monday evening.

"I am always proud to step up and be a voice for populations in our state who may be most in need," Connor said. "Providing an exemption for at-risk communities means keeping more Illinoisans safe from exposure to COVID-19 or other potentially dangerous illnesses."

Homestead exemptions can be approved for people with disabilities, veterans with disabilities and older adults without new applications under House Bill 3289. Any property that was approved for the exemption in the 2019 taxable year will qualify, provided that the county the property is in declared a local disaster related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recipients of the exemption are required to reapply every year, but the pandemic resulted in a waived reapplication requirement—a trend that Connor would like to see continue, due to concerns that applicants may potentially be exposed to COVID-19 or other communicable diseases when seeking help in-person.

News,Region: Joliet,Region: South Suburbs

via The Times Weekly | Community Newspaper in Chicagoland Metropolitan Area

May 25, 2021 at 10:10PM

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