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Covering up just makes good sense today: for Illinois farm fields, for our economy and for our environment.

As a longtime family farmer, I have really enjoyed serving this year in Springfield as Chair of the Illinois Senate Agriculture Committee. We cannot underestimate how important our agriculture industry—the crops we grow, the families we support and the jobs we create—is for our success as a state, and as a nation.

With the opportunity to support a vibrant farming landscape comes a responsibility to protect our lands for generations to come. Promoting agriculture conservation practices is a priority of mine, and of many of my colleagues in the legislature.

I have been excited to work this spring with a coalition of agricultural and environmental advocates led by American Farmland Trust and the Illinois Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts, with the mission of encouraging more Illinois farmland to feature cover crops. Cover crops are planted to protect soil from erosion and nutrient loss when those fields are not filled with corn, soybeans and wheat for harvesting.

The coalition is pushing for a much-needed expansion of a program through the Illinois Department of Agriculture called Fall Covers for Spring Savings, which helps farmers get discounts on crop insurance for their cover crop acres.

The program has been a smashing success. In 2020, farmers reached the maximum 50,000 acres funded in just 12 days, and more than double that number of acres could have been funded if state funds were available. This year, the demand soared: the 50,000-acre limit was hit in less than 12 hours, and interest topped 185,000 acres.

I am supportive of the coalition’s efforts toward a significant increase in funding for this program. As I write this column, we are wrapping up the spring legislative session and a new state budget that I hope will prioritize cover crops and other agriculture conservation tools. I will continue to work with advocates and my legislative colleagues to promote these programs in the years to come.

I will have more in my June update regarding the legislative progress on other issues this spring. After 2020, when we were largely sidelined because of the pandemic, I have welcomed the chance to get to work on our state’s most pressing issues in Springfield.

I am encouraged by the governor’s announcement in May that we will more fully reopen the state this summer, and that we continue to vaccinate more people – including our younger people – to eventually end this pandemic. Please support our local businesses, take a minute to thank your health care professionals, and do something kind to show teachers how much you appreciate their patience and determination during these two trying school years.

Please take advantage of getting your COVID-19 vaccine as soon as you are eligible. I urge you to contact me anytime I can help at 708-756-0882 or I will continue to share the latest news on my website and on my Facebook page:

Sen. Patrick Joyce

D-Essex, 40th State Senate District

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Does the Heights continue to abide with the seldom-obeyed Noise/Sound Pollution Limits Ordinances ? — Seems Not !
Another Political Joke ?

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Chicago Heights, IL|Local Post|
Nikki Gaskins's profile picture

Some colleges are already requiring students returning to campus in the fall to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Do you think Chicago Heights area schools should require eligible students to be vaccinated before returning to the classroom in the fall?

Chicago Heights, IL|Neighbor Post|

Now hiring cooks and cashiers
Nicks Gyros
420 w 14th street Chicago heights Illinois 60411

Chicago Heights, IL|Neighbor Post|

Spartan Baseball

Spartans fell short 8-6 on Wednesday night against Peotone Baseball.
Team never got it going. It was a bad team day overall! We made alot of mistakes, and it’s always the little things that matter the most in a Baseball game says
Coach Simental. We are learning as I said weeks ago. We are getting better and like life, it’s up and down. Best thing about Baseball is there’s always tomorrow!!

On a good note:

It’s undeniable that Elias Leon pitched a good game. 4 innings only gave up 2 hits and 7 strikeouts.

Ethan Condit also pitched and caught well!
3 innings, 5 strikeouts gave up 2 hits as well.

We had a bad day, it happens, we go back to practice and continue to work!

Coach Steve

Chicago Heights, IL|Neighbor Post|
James L Rogers's profile picture

So proud of my son Nicholas James Rogers who received his Masters Degree in Public Administration from the University of Southern Illinois Edwardsville on March 8th 2021. When Nick started out at Rich South high school I had just gone through a very hurtful divorce . Nick chose to stay with his dad . We went through a job loss and a home eviction. It was a very turbulent time in both our lives. Nick was resilient through it all he graduated from Rich South and went on to gain his undergrad degree at SIUE and few years later he has obtained his Masters. Bring his dad I give all glory unto GOD and I stand a very proud father of a son who refused to allow personal family upheaval to stand in his was of educational success. “CONGRATS “ Nicholas James Rogers on a job well done .

So proud of my son Nicholas James Rogers who received his...

Chicago Heights, IL|Local Question|
Duke undefined's profile picture

Where is the paper sherdding taking place in Chicago Heights Thursday May 13 ,2021 ?

Chicago Heights, IL|Neighbor Post|

Steger Spartans
14U Steger Spartans squeezed by Peotone Baseball on Monday night 8-6 to go 3-0 to start the 2021 Baseball season.
Spartans played 5 Great innings with A solid piching performance by Ethan Condit! 5 innings, 6 strikeouts and 2 great plays to 1st.
Ethan also caught the last inning as well to complete the solid performance with 2 hits at the plate going 2-3.
Elias Leon is Racking up the saves with 3. Elias is a calm studious pitcher. Does enough to retire batters! Great job Elias
John Luca Sanchez should go to jail for life, why? Because he steals more bases than any baserunning I ever seen. John Luca went 2-3 at the plate.
Brendon Corbit went 2-3 tonight as well.
We are a growing, maturing and excited team says coach Simental.
I am tightening the screws on them but this will make them better. Coach Simental says all of our players are capable, and dependable. We are working on Being accountable and Reliable players and teammates.
Great start so far!
Coach Simental

Chicago Heights, IL|Local Question|

Does anybody know why the police tape was at the gas station and liquor store on Halstead yesterday evining

Chicago Heights, IL|Neighbor Post|

Steger baseball:

Spartans freeze by Peotone yesterday by a score of 12-8
This is Spartans 2nd win, now 2-0 to start off the season.
We started off very bad but did enough to actually get the win.! Great baserunning by John Luca of Chocago heights with 7 stolen
Bases,, 2 base hits. Matt Oluer with his 2nd win and Elias Leon agai. Gets his 2nd save of the season.
Coach Steve says we ate still learning, but biggest thing is focusing and discipline.
Our players are learning me and learning to play the game the right way!

Overall I’m so proud of the young men!

Coach Steve

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May 24, 2021 at 09:34AM

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