‘Will you stay true to your word?’: GOP leaders, Pritzker argue about redistricting with map expected soon


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – With less than two weeks left in session, Republican and Democratic leaders in Illinois continue to argue about how “fair” the state’s next map will be.

House and Senate Republican leaders continue to mention that Gov. JB Pritzker campaigned on a goal for an independent redistricting process. Then-candidate Pritzker also pledged to veto any map created by lawmakers, political party leaders, and their staff or allies.

The Capitol Bureau asked the governor Wednesday if he still plans to reject a partisan map. Pritzker said he’ll veto any “unfair” map. However, he also said he feels it’s important for Democrats and Republicans to work together through this process.

“I have not seen a map from the Republicans, I think I would have liked to have seen what they would like to see,” Pritzker added. “I have not seen what the Democrats have come up with yet. So, I hope they’ll produce a map soon too, and we’ll see where we go.

Republicans have said they wouldn’t draw a map until after the actual 2020 Census data is released in August or September.

GOP members say Democrats have blocked them from making decisions on the maps. Although, Pritzker says Republicans participated in the many redistricting committee hearings held across the state. He also claims it was an “open process.” House Republican Leader Jim Durkin disagrees.

“There’s no real input from the public, there’s no transparency,” Durkin said. “There isn’t even a real idea of what phony data that they’re trying to use in order to pass partisan maps. Governor Pritzker has shown no leadership from the second floor to tell Democrats to do the right thing.”

Durkin said it’s important for the governor and members of the General Assembly to live up to their promises. Still, many expect Democrats to release their map by the end of the week. They could also vote on the proposed map by May 31 despite calls for a two-week period for the public to see the maps.

via WREX

May 19, 2021 at 10:01PM

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