Letter to the Editor | Legislature must act on clean-energy bill


State must act on clean-energy bill

The Nature Conservancy recently released a report entitled, “An Assessment of the Impacts of Climate Change in Illinois.” We’re always told to listen to the scientists when it comes to climate change, and in this case, the scientist is someone I know. Karen Peterson, a co-author of the report the agency’s Illinois climate project manager, was a classmate and neighbor growing up in Monticello.

The report was co-led by two other central Illinoisians, Dr. Don Wuebbles and Jim Angel, climate experts with years of expertise in atmospheric science. Scientists who live in our communities, whom many of us know, are telling us that virtually all aspects of life will be impacted by climate change — the health of our communities, our natural ecosystems, our farming operations and more.

Peterson is quoted in the press release: “The challenges we expect Illinois to face from climate change underscore the importance of acting decisively. … There are so many steps we can take now to both drive down emissions and build resilience to climate change.”

She has dedicated her career to fighting climate change. My family put solar panels on our home in rural Piatt County. My sister installed a geothermal system and works on climate and energy for the nonprofit Prairie Rivers Network. Communities are investing in clean energy and developing climate-resilience plans.

Many of us are doing our part, but we need our state leaders to do theirs. The Illinois Legislature needs to pass the Clean Energy Jobs Act by May 31.


White Heath

via The News-Gazette

May 16, 2021 at 09:19AM

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