Rich Miller: Messy bills may result in Pritzker veto

So, naturally, some members are chafing at the belated veto threats after months of near radio silence. The time to work on many of these bills was a month or two ago, they say. But with the clock ticking down to the scheduled May 31 adjournment, they’re being told to change their bills or find themselves working on veto override motion rollcalls this summer.

Because Pritzker has so rarely vetoed any bills, more than a few folks are having a difficult time taking these threats seriously. They expect he’ll talk a good game and then roll over to avoid making enemies.

But, in fairness, Pritzker had Madigan and Cullerton shepherding members for him during the 2019 session and had no real need to issue any threats. The 2020 spring session ended up being just a few days long because of the pandemic and everything was negotiated. Now, it’s pretty much anything goes and even though veto threats are usually a final weapon and not a legislative strategy, he may have no choice at this late date but to do something drastic.

Others contend that some of the advice they’re getting from the governor’s office is off the mark. While the governor’s people are trying to tell members what their bills would actually do in the real world, their interpretation is sometimes just flat wrong.

I’m told, however, that some members have listened to the gubernatorial advice and have agreed to alter their legislation. So, we’ll see.

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May 14, 2021 at 05:23PM

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